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I bought this dvd region 1 and it works fine on my uk ps3, i believe it will run okay on region 2 players as well. Some of the pictures are photo shots from the series. Heres what i think happened to candace after the episode bane. Animation and aired on kids wb from september, 1997 to january 16, 1999 stories in this series tend to give more focus to batman s supporting cast. In the episode bane, thorne hired bane to assassinate batman.

As instructed by her boss, candice followed harvey dent to. Now,go get him, mandy and selena and bring him to me. With kevin conroy, bob hastings, richard moll, murphy cross. They have been indexed as female adult with black eyes and black hair that is to chest length. The animated series alternate main title artist shirley walker. Candaces loyalty to rupert was tested when she tried to form an. Meanwhile, older fans in the know were likely drawn in by the intrigue of the producers introducing a character they previously stated they wouldnt use.

Candace was the assistant to rupert thorne, the resident top mob boss of gotham. She is thrill seeker who loves her life of crime and prefers to only get into fights that she believes she will win. With kevin conroy, loren lester, efrem zimbalist jr. A much more noticeable retool occurred in 1997, where a channel hop and. Unbeknownst to thorne, however, his moll, candice, conspired with bane to kill him as well as batman so that they could both run gothams underworld.

I would have been more impressed if a character like rupert thornes accomplice candace would have gotten a page. The animated series twoface part i tv episode 1992 diane michelle as candace. Batman the animated series grace meets harvey dent now twoface who now asserts that chance is all that matters, the decider of everything. This is the image gallery of candice candice eavesdropping on dents session. Take a visual walk through her career and see 39 images of the characters shes voiced and listen to 6 clips that showcase her performances. From here, batman investigates the man known as bane. Candace is a character from the animated tv series batman. This would also be banes only appearance in the show. Its unclear whether the dcau ubu is one person or a title, though its noteworthy that he was voiced by a different actor in all his appearances. Diane michelle is a voice actress known for voicing lashina, daisy duck, and jane jetson. One where she assists her boss in blackmailing harvey dent and another her more famous appearance where she hires bane to take out the batman. Candice was less conspicuous than most of thornes other employees, and so she was perfect to gather information about harvey dent.

Bane also plotted to usurp thorne as head of organized crime in gotham with the help of thornes assistant candace. Many of the same artists worked on the batman animated features e. It took minimal persuading in order to change her loyalty from thorne to bane. Candaces return chapter 7, a batman the animated series. Melissa gilbert as the voice of barbara batgirl gordon. Tas, which originally aired on the fox kids block from 1992 to 1995, is one of the most popular and groundbreaking series in western animation. If your a fan of batman the animated series and enjoyed volume 1 and 2 then this is a must get. Note that every episode released on dvd has been released under the batman. Now a person from candace s past returns and invites her back into a life of crime. Then, batman told my boss that he was going to get a lawsuit and a bad rep. Continuing with the focus on minor batman girls, heres a tribute to rupert thornes attractive secretary candice. I also dont own any of the characters in this fanfic. Candice is a woman who cares a lot about her looks but she also enjoys getting her hands dirty. It is notable for introducing the iconic villain bane to the series in a story loosely adapted from his comic book origin story.

The animated series original soundtrack from the warner bros. All rights go to warner brothers animation and dc comics. On the election trail, harvey dent gradually loses control of his repressed evil alternate personality until gangster rupert thorne inadvertently unleashes it. As instructed by her boss, candice followed harvey dent to his psychological therapy and learned of harveys split personality disorder.

The new batman adventures often shortened as tnba is an american superhero animated television series based on the dc comics superhero batman, and is a continuation of the 1990s batman. In the dc comics, ubu is a title passed on through many generations as the manservant of ras al ghul. Candice is an assistant of rupert thorne, the resident top mob boss of gotham city. Candice once helped thorne blackmail harvey dent which made him turn into twoface.

Robert costanzo as the voice of detective harvey bullock. Robin had told batman about how bane kidnapped him and treated him and about the pool fight between me and him. Thorne enterprises is a corrupt business owned by local mob boss rupert thorne. Candice is the righthand of rupert thorne and a villain in the batman. Thorne was also notable in the series for introducing bane into the dc animated universe.

Rupert thorne hires steroidenhanced mercenary bane to eliminate batman. The killing joke tara strong began her acting career at the age of in toronto, canada. She passed this information to thorne, who used it to blackmail dent. Babydoll bane is an episode of the second season of batman. When i heard of this book, i immeadietly bought it. Batman reveals to rupert thorne that his aide, candice, was planning to kill him by playing a recording of her discussing it with bane. On leather wings christmas with the joker nothing to fear the last laugh. She landed several tv, film, and musical theater roles as well as her first lead in an animated series as the title role of hello kitty. Candaces return chapter 1, a batman the animated series. The episodes in this series are just as entertaining as the previous two. She quickly learned of his mental issues, and stole his file from his psychiatrists office. As instructed by her boss, candice followed harvey dent to his psychological therapy and learned of harveys condition.

Candice diane michelle is a criminalgunmollgangstergang member of rupert thornes gang from batman. Candice was the seductive secretary of rupert thorne. The animated series tv series 19921995 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. History edit as instructed by her boss, candice followed harvey dent to his psychological therapy and learned of harveys split personality disorder. After having left the hospital, the man who used to be harvey dent and is. Diane michelle 39 character images behind the voice actors. The animated series or btas, which debuted in 1992 on the fox childrens block, restored the original vision for the character. I really love batman the animated series and robin is one of my favorite characters. If you liked this story you should check out the sequel. The animated series looks better in stills than it does in motion. Others, such as bane, have taken the title as well.

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